Uni holidays a.k.a Hibernation

It’s the last week of my Uni holidays, then I have a week interning in the Australian Ballet costume department!! I’m very exited! I have no idea what I will be doing there but I’m not sure I mind that, I think it will be a fantastic opportunity, no matter what I end up doing.
Over this 3month holiday, my first decently long holiday since I started my Fashion Design course, I have had my first trip to Tasmania. I quite like it, very pretty, and I got to catch up with some family friends I hadn’t seen for many many years. I was also bridesmaid at a friends wedding, a privilege and an honour. I am looking forward to seeing the photos from their wedding!
Then I got to spend some time with some of my husbands family in NSW. I relished the chance to see the few I had already met, and meet the ones I hadn’t. I got to meet a cousins baby, such an incredible little munchkin, all full of giggles and smiles. We visited my husbands fathers family for Christmas, 5years married and this is the first time I had met this side of the family. I finally realised where the crazy gene comes into play. My family and my in-laws are all very blessed with the crazy sense of humour genes, I worry for the children we will have for their sense of humour is likely to be very, very odd.

So, back to my holidays, I’m not sure what January involved except for a lot of shut eye. I think my body needed to catch up on sleep from the past 18months and I’m hoping I’ve now got some sleep reserves for this final year of uni. As all university students will attest to, sleep is a valuable and rare commodity. February has also been a sleep restoration month, but I have managed to come out of hibernation for a day or two here and there.

I’ve recently started attending a yoga class at the local women’s gym. I find it quite relaxing, then almost over stimulating then back to relaxing and centering. 4weeks done, 8to go.

I have been able to help out with some runway events. I quite enjoyed the Undress runway, which is all about sustainable clothing. I loved learning that there are so many designers who are advocating for sustainable and Eco aware supplies. One day I would feel very privileged to have a brand that could be classed as fair trade, with sustainable and Eco aware supplies.

For now, in my last year of fashion design, I would love to use sustainable fabrics where possible. I’m yet to find suppliers though. any suggestions would be welcome, must be either in Melbourne or able to ship to Melbourne without too much cost.

That might be it from me for today. I think I shall go give my kitten, Ewok some cuddles and watch some Enterprise. Might need to get some cocoa loco tea and coconut yoghurt for afternoon tea.



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