tulle, chocolate and life!


Im on work experience at the Australian Ballet working in their wardrobe department. Its amazing! I’ve pulled apart and repaired tutus and long skirts, a highly boned bodice, even a train-skirt, all for the rehearsals of Manon, which I now very much want to see as the costumes are incredible! Today I started working on some new knickers for the ballerinas, not something I’ve ever made before, especially since these are specialised for ballet, its quite interesting!! But its something new and exciting and I’m having such an amazing time!! There is a performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Friday night and I got to have a good look at some of the costumes for that!! Can’t wait to watch the performance, one act from three different ballets will be performed I believe.

A quick shout to ‘Loving Earth’ chocolate, its vegan and the flavour I tried is with coconut mylk! its darker then I am used to but its very yummy! and a good start to my goal of being 100% dairy free by the end of this year, at the moment I’m probably about 85-90% dairy free. yes a long time for a food goal but chocolate is  hard thing to give up!!

Loving Earth have some amazing sounding chocolate flavours, try some and let me know what you think of them!!! Loving Earth have a whole range of organic fair trade foods that are very healthy, including things like superfoods – Bee Pollen, Wild Lemongrass Bush Tea and many more! Lots of things I haven’t heard of or haven’t tried before. A great resource if you want to learn more about superfoods and living a healthier, organic and sustainable life!


Also to ‘People for Plants,’ an Australian Certified Organic skin care range! I am allergic to acrylics and vitamin E so finding skincare i can use is hard. I happened across PFP in december and I love it!! Its worth having a look for in your local pharmacy or Priceline. Their website is very informative and helpful too! Let me know what your favourite organic ranges are!


Well thats it for me today! off to lala land before another big day at the ballet!!



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