my crazy life

so, I’ve been gone a while, not a great starting path for my blog. but going back to full time uni is such a big thing, especially when its final year. which in itself is a huge accomplishment for me, I’m a starter, love starting new projects etc, but not a great finisher though. so, we’ve been doing an assignment that is massive, and its finally completed. My submission for the Arts of Fashion Foundation Competition is posted and on its way to San Francisco. its scary and exciting. the prizes are scholarships and internships to some of the top fashion colleges in the world. the first prize winner from last year is from my uni and his work was insanely amazing!

the theme this year for the competition is Perspective, my concept from that is ‘what you see is NOT what you get.’ we, collectively, live in a privileged society, and the things that we see, that we take for granted, are not as pure and honest as we would think. for instance, we see chocolate; we think sweets, valentines day and comfort food. what we don’t see is the slavery and human trafficking that is involved with the cocoa industry, and its certainly not the only industry that is involved with such a problem. how about the palm oil industry, famous for destroying the habitat of endangered animals, orangutans, but there are many more animals who are disappearing because of industrial irresponsibility. then there is the conflict diamonds. what we associate with love, weddings and the ultimate romanic symbol, is really a spark showing the death of so many who were invovled with pulling the tiny little pressed carbon jewel from the earth. those who mine and sift for diamonds don;t have a great survival rate, and diamonds are often smuggled and sold to raise money for war, rebellion, and this industry too condones slavery and trafficking. Why, on earth do we partake in products that condone these types of activities. these inhumanities and disgraceful practices.
My designs are big, bold and very in your face statements. big princess style gowns in delicate silks and tulles, think cinderella, then on them are silhouettes or (sometimes) subtle hints at the atrocities that are happening in our world. things that we can change, if we make a stand.


so on the other side of my crazy life is that my health is yet again on the rocky side. fibromyalgia. its a big word, and big concept to get my mind around. so now comes the hard part, working out how to live with it and what to do for pain management. yoga, lots of yoga. massages, bike riding and water aerobics. but for a student, this is very expensive. i know I’m not the only one who has to deal with so many things at once, but it is so not easy. how do people deal with full time schedules (for me uni), as well as trying to be a good wife, home maker, and make time to do exercise.

so anyway, that is for me for now.



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