rant time!

Easter. A time for mourning, for remembering, then a time for rejoicing and celebrating.

Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

The Lord died for us to forgive our sins, crucified by us, for us. He will rise again. For 3 days he was buried, before he rose to save us. He lives again so we can live again. He will come again in glory to judge the living and dead.

I always remember a song that we sang at my church when I was a kid. It was a favourite of mine.

We BelieveGraham Kendrick

We believe in God the Father,
Maker of the universe,
And in Christ His Son our Saviour,
Come to us by virgin birth.
We believe He died to save us,
Bore our sins, was crucified.
Then from death He rose victorious,
Ascended to the Father’s side.

Jesus, Lord of all, Lord of all,
Jesus, Lord of all, Lord of all,
Jesus, Lord of all, Lord of all,
Jesus, Lord of all, Lord of all.
Name above all names,
Name above all names.
Name above all names.

We believe He sends His Spirit,
On His church with gifts of power.
God His word of truth affirming,
Sends us to the nations now.
He will come again in glory,
Judge the living and the dead.
Every knee shall bow before Him,
Then must every tongue confess.



Uni has been crazy. so many assessments, not enough time! Im designing my signature collection at the moment. It feels very important to get every detail perfect since we will be spending the rest of this year making this collection. Trying to find ethically sourced natural fabrics and dyes.

This thursday the 24th is Fashion Revolution Day. Its the anniversary of the Rana Plaza textile factory collapse in Bangladesh. There are many events happening to commemorate this anniversary and to change the future so that nothing like this happens again. We are asking ‘Who makes your clothes?” and ‘what is the true cost of them?’ We want to bring light to what is happening all around our world.

Thursday at 630, at Bar Nancy in Northcote, Melbourne, there will be a Fashion Swap. bring fresh laundered clothes to swap. There will be performances by many bands, one have even written a song in memory of those who died. Check it out. https://www.facebook.com/events/1478791652338838/

Check on this group to find events nearer to you around the world. https://www.facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org?fref=ts

Im hoping to attend some lectures / Q&A sessions at RMIT this week that are about living ethically.


On another topic. Im annoyed by our Metro system, the lifts at my station are not working, haven’t been working properly for over a month and wont be fixed for at least a month – waiting for parts to come from overseas. Not a problem, right? … except that there are no ramps or any other disabled access. So for those of us who find it difficult or impossible to climb a zillion stairs twice a day, life just got hard. they say that they will provide taxis to the next station, and then reimburse us for zone 2 travel once everything has been fixed. im just sooo annoyed and I know im not the only one. there are so many many people who are being affected by this. I just hope I wont be too late to classes etc while its all being fixed.


anywho, thats my rant for this week.




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