Karlu Karlu Collection


if you’d asked me a week ago what the Karlu Karlu was I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you. but i can now. its an Australian Desert where the Devils Marbles are, that is a very funky rock formation where these round and oblong rocks are all piled higeldy pigeldy on top of each other. its really quite something to look at. It was a favourite place to visit on our holidays as kids.

So why am i telling you this. Because i’m doing a business assessment where i have to pitch a fashion collection to a potential buyer and try to get them to place an order to stock my label in their store. So my collection is inspired by the Devils Marbles in the Karlu kalru desert, thus ive called the Spring Summer range ‘Karlu Karlu.’

Big thanks to my Uncle Paul for having the most incredible photo of the Devils Marbles here in the panoramas folder. Check out his other amazing photos of Australia!  http://wildfoto.smugmug.com/Scenery

Devils Marbles

So this collection is Spring Summer, it contains 5 outfits, 14 garments. which meant 14 costing sheets, 14 spec sheets, a 15 or so page look book and a 3page price list. Each garment comes in a range of fabrics and depending on the fabric will depend on the imaginary factory that it comes from. I chose to have village factories in Kenya, Guatemala and Timor Leste, which meant I needed to find what the basic minimum wage is in each country and then convert to Aus dollar and work with that. Plus I want to pay fair trade prices so that makes it more intesting – I’m still not sure if im managed that, but I chose to pay above the hourly minimum wage per garment, so assuming they can make more then one shirt/jean an hour then that should be ok right?


Its so interesting trying to work this stuff out, as a student as a school where FairTrade and Ethical fashion is not really appreciated, or … well I am the only one who is focusing on that and making sure that my actual collection that I am making will be FairTrade, sustainable and Ethically sourced. The idea is to have a transparent supply chain so that it can be independently audited and anyone can find out if I treat the people in my supply chain with the respect they deserve by paying fair living wages, making sure they work in a safe environment and that they are using sustainable sources.


So much information and its all just for a made up imaginary collection! maybe i will have to make this collection one day! there are some cute bits in it! pics to come later- after its all handed in and marked and stuff!


suffice it to say its been a long day! and I have much more to complete tomorrow to get it finished! but im pulling Kudo’s to me for getting so much done today 😀


tomorrow i shall indulge in my fair trade chocolate from Cadbury. Finally they have at least one flavour that is FairTrade!


Good night dear people who actually read my humble little blog! this little bug is off to laa laa land.



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