rant time!

Easter. A time for mourning, for remembering, then a time for rejoicing and celebrating. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. The Lord died for us to forgive our sins, crucified by us, for us. He will rise again. For 3 days he was buried, before he rose to save us. He […]

timing, oh such perfect timing

  you know those moments, those perfectly timed events, happenings. well sometimes I think I must be blessed with an abundance of those special moments. one happened to me just before christmas. you see, there’s this book that i saw on my mums bookshelf when i was a child. the title always intrigued me but […]

my crazy life

so, I’ve been gone a while, not a great starting path for my blog. but going back to full time uni is such a big thing, especially when its final year. which in itself is a huge accomplishment for me, I’m a starter, love starting new projects etc, but not a great finisher though. so, […]

tulle, chocolate and life!

  Im on work experience at the Australian Ballet working in their wardrobe department. Its amazing! I’ve pulled apart and repaired tutus and long skirts, a highly boned bodice, even a train-skirt, all for the rehearsals of Manon, which I now very much want to see as the costumes are incredible! Today I started working […]

Designers block

You know those days when things just seem to hard, and your totally bored, but then you try doing something, being creative and you still feel miserable? Today is another of those days. I tried designing something new, tried working in my Uni work, tried just sitting down and sewing something, nothing felt right and […]